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Nothing is worse than having a problem and not being able to solve it. This is why we provide customer support every hour of every day. The best thing? You'll always speak directly to a person who will be able to immediately help you fix your problem! No robots here!

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Let's grow together

You get a full business management suite that's ready to grow with your business. With single and multi-site functionality and backed by an endless supply of innovative features, we're not only here to help your business grow, but here to grow with your business.

Make better business decisions

It's time to really see what's happening inside every facet of your business. We provide you with industry leading reporting, visual analytics dashboards, and complete financial reporting anywhere, on any device, at any time. It's time to make more informed decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Empower sales and marketing

An intuitive CRM allows you and your sales and marketing team to get a full overview of your target market and current customers. Integrated customer portals and automated email marketing allow your sales and marketing team expand lead generation and stay in front of current and potential customers.

Unify your business

Enjoy every feature your business and employees need to be successful, all in one centralized system. Every employee is working off the same unified platform with all modules continuously updating each other. No confusion. No double entry. No time wasted.

Maximize your resources

Free your accounting team, your sales team, and your marketing team to focus on higher value projects and let the software create efficiency to reduce their time. Let your employees concentrate on growing your business while GO Business takes care of the rest.

Deliver projects on time and on budget

Revel in integrated resource planning, inventory tracking, and project management tools all designed to keep you updated, streamline workflows, build efficiency, and increase your customer satisfaction. Never again will you find yourself in short supply with automated ordering and automated updating of other modules.

Power your company with the cloud-based business management software built for agility, efficiency, and growth

In today’s world, for both B2B and B2C, strategic decision making is crucial for any small to mid-sized business. To prosper and grow, companies need the right mix of visible key information and analytics, agile decision making, and operational capabilities.

 Separate from your competitors with an in the cloud business strategy that provides you with the tools necessary for exponential profitability and growth. Global Office Software for Business provides an affordable, end-to-end business management software solution customized for you, your business, and your industry. You’ll get profound visibility into every piece of your business with integrated inventory management, billing and invoicing, customer relationship management, financial and sales analytics, supply chain management, and more.

 It’s time to start making better, faster decisions – exactly when they need to be made. You’ll have all the tools necessary for you and your team to solve key problems and make key decisions that are affecting your business. With highly encrypted security backed by the industry-leading Amazon Web Services, and our commitment to continuous improvement, you will always have the tools to be your most successful.

Product Features

GO Business offers a large variety of industry leading cloud-based features. Each package gets every feature, but you only use what you need. As your business grows, we're here to help you add features to your business and train you as you need them. We're always innovating and updating our current features, and adding new ones, so you and your business is always up to date with the latest and greatest.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Unlimited contact management
  • Lead tracking
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customer portals
  • Integration to all other modules
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • e-Commerce
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Multiview schedules
  • Schedule and dispatch service calls
  • Recurring services
  • Print job schedules, site directions, and routing sheets
Work History Tracking
  • Track detailed history of all work and services for unlimited customers
  • One click to find original work order
  • Information is compiled for reporting
Equipment Installation & Service Tracking
  • Manage and track installed equipment and information
  • Print history reports and work orders
  • Automatically schedule maintenance
  • Track service contracts
Employee and Payroll Management
Inventory Management
  • Manage and track unlimited inventory
  • Track stock levels in single or multi warehouses
  • Generate multiple vendor purchase orders
  • Automated ordering
  • Manage all job and employee information
  • Calculate and print payroll cheques
  • Track reimbursements 
  • Automatically generate commissions
  • Track worker productivity and profitability
Financial Reporting & Analytics
  • Real-time view of company wide performance
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning
  • Output any report to PDF
  • Personalized dashboards and alerts
  • Integration to: Great Plains, Sage, Quickbooks, and Simply Accounting
Billing, Invoicing, & A/R
  • Customizable billing and invoicing
  • Automated conversion of work orders to invoices
  • Online credit/debit processing on any device
  • Full featured A/R tracking
Purchasing, Bill-paying, & A/P
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Full featured A/P tracking
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • Visual cheque writing with instant lookup
Project and Resource Management
  • Set budgets, track activities, and interval billing
  • Fully integrated with your GL, A/P, and A/R
  • Labour and expense reporting 
  • Alerts and reporting

Why a business management solution in the cloud?

Manage your business from anywhere

With cloud storage, you can access your information and manage your business on any device, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Secure and reliable

We use the best in the industry, Amazon Web Services, to host all information. This allows for high encryption and security levels. Also, with no in-house services comes very little downtime.

Faster implementation and innovation

Start using and seeing results from the software in a matter of weeks. On top of that we like to keep your features cutting edge, and this way we can give them to you ASAP.

Cloud-based Business Management

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